Anti-aging for him


Men, just like women, are entitled to a cool, beautiful, smooth and young skin. For demanding men, the equally demanding Astrus Esthetics has introduced a unique anti-ageing cream.

TIP: Our anti-aging products are very active, so it is best to use them with caution. We therefore recommend – especially in the beginning – to use them every two days so that your skin can get used to using them. You will achieve optimal results when you apply them to cleansed skin in the evening.


It is a cream that combines seven exceptional ingredients (Retinyl Palmitate – Tocopherol – Ascorbyl Palmitate – Glycerin – Hyaluronic acid – Salicylic acid – Squalane) and makes male skin look substantially healthier and younger. With Astrus Esthetics’ anti-aging cream, men’s skin looks more radiant than ever!


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