A difficult way to reach the stars

Astrus has chosen to use only the very best ingredients for all products. It’s a difficult road, we know, but we go for the very best results in order for our customers to become real ‘stars’.

Astrus was born out of the medical and pharmaceutical knowledge of its founder Dirk Roosen. Together with his colleagues – all with a background in the medical and pharmaceutical world – Roosen strives for perfection.

Astrus combines thorough specialization with demanding and striving for perfection to make the skin younger and life more beautiful.

In this movie you can meet us.

Top team of experts

Experts with medical and pharmaceutical experience make daily efforts to develop new effective products.

Advisory board

Our advisory board consists of highly qualified doctors who are highly regarded as experts in Aesthetic Medicine and Allergology. The advisory board provides non-binding scientific and cosmetic advice to the management of Astrus. It is an important group that is always able to support us in the development of new products. The advisory board helps us to create the products of “Well Aging” of the future.

Our members:
Dr. Christophe Leys (dermatology at Medical Skin Care)
Dr. Grietje Morren (Medical Director at Hair Transplant & Cosmetics)
Dr. Nesrine Radwan (Lecturer Pediatric Allergy and Immunology department, Shams University Caïro – Egypt)
Dr. Baharlou (Head of the Dermatology Department at UZ Brussel, specialised in dermatology, venereal disease and tumour therapy)